Global Pioneer in Microbial Fermentation Technology

New Bellus, as a pioneer in microbial fermentation technology, continually drives the advancement and progress of the global health food industry through technological innovation and exclusive processes. Committed to providing customers with total solutions, we cover everything from initial consultations, presales services, production manufacturing, product validation, to after-sales services, with a focus on probiotics, medicinal mushroom, fermented ingredients, and more. Our goal is to enable people to enjoy a higher quality of healthy living. New Bellus is headquartered in Taiwan, and maintains a strong global presence.

Leading Industry-Specific Process Management System

At New Bellus, we firmly believe that professionalism and craftsmanship spirit are essential for building a high-quality brand. We dedicate significant time and effort to drive continuous process innovation, ensuring that our products consistently lead the industry. New Bellus has proudly acquired multiple quality management certifications and is at the forefront of adopting artificial intelligence technology and leveraging big data analytics to implement comprehensive digital management. This approach enhances the precision and thoroughness of our production process, beginning from the source, to guarantee that every step adheres to the highest standards, thus ensuring the perpetually excellent quality of our products.

New Bellus Values: Small Things Creating Big Value

Our commitment to innovation and dedication within the realm of microbial fermentation is evident in the meticulous care we invest in every process. We firmly believe that each minor innovation and breakthrough harbors an immense impact on safeguarding people's health, delivering unparalleled solutions to our clients, and contributing invaluable and boundless value to the sustainable development of society. Our ambition is to establish ourselves as the foremost global leader in microbial fermentation manufacturing and technology. Our ultimate goal is to drive substantial and transformative changes in enhancing people's well-being and overall quality of life.

Global Partnership

With the rapid development of globalization and digitalization, New Bellus is also actively carrying out digital transformation and expanding international business. The current global partners have spread to dozens of countries in America, Europe, China, East Asia, New Zealand and Australia.