New Bellus is committed to being a global leader in microbial fermentation manufacturing and technology.
We strive to provide our customers with exceptional total solutions
Provide customers with the most complete service
Customers are our partners. Based on this principle, the customer needs will always be our priority. We are committed to providing our knowledge to solve the challenges faced by our customers, which resulting in elevating their ability to compete. At the same time, we have also improved our own competitiveness.
Never compromise on quality
We know that quality is the foundation of the customer trust. Stable and good quality will define the value of the company. Therefore, in order to build long-term relationship with the customers and make our brand deeper into the brains of customers, we will never compromise on quality.
Relentless pursuit of innovation
Nowadays, facing the era of globalization, market competition is becoming more and more fierce. The company is like a ship sailing on the ocean. If it does not persist to strengthen itself, it might sink at any time. Hence, in order to enhance our ability to meet the challenges may be faced in the future, we keep carry on the comprehensive innovation, from product planning, research, service and marketing to technology and manufacturing.

Corporate mission

At our core, we specialize in microbial fermentation technology. Through our unique manufacturing processes,we continually break production barriers, offering our customers innovative, high-quality solutions.

Corporate vision

Becoming a global leader in microbial fermentation manufacturing and technology, dedicated to enhancing people's quality of life through better health.

Enterprise CIS

The logo of New Bellus comes from N and B. “Bellus” means abundant harvest. “New Bellus” represents brand new and plentiful business concept of SERVICE, VITALITY, and INNOVATION for sustainable development. The logo is colored in deep red and golden. Red means happiness, cheerfulness, vigor and enthusiasm. Gold stands for fortune, good harvest and brightness. We design the logo to present our mission and CIS. It symbolizes that we have warm service, infinite vitality and continuous innovation in food industry. New Bellus will serve as a bridge connecting to your healthy and wonderful life.